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ACME Night


September 3, 2023

ACME Night, was a weekly block on Adult Swim. The block originally premiered on Cartoon Network on September 19, 2021 to August 27, 2023 before being moved on September 3 that year. ACME Night features animated and live action movies, with any extra time being filled by shows from Warner Bros. Discovery's networks. The block took a brief hiatus on January 21, 2024 to air the four direct to video Futurama movies (along with 2 reruns before it) before returning on February 18, 2024. On June 30, 2024, the block was replaced by Futurama reruns.

This article will show the movies that aired when the block moved to Adult Swim will be listed here. If you want to see the article that shows the movies and specials that aired on Cartoon Network, click here.




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  • When the block began during CN's run, it shows an intro bumper of Wile E. Coyote chasing Road Runner in the futuristic desert, showcasing families to prepare for the film. This bumper was retired in October 2022 during CN's airing of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events which was the last film on ACME Night to have an intro bumper for it.
  • Adult Swim stopped airing the ACME Night intro as of September 24, 2023. The very next week, it would show the adult swim advisory warning, followed by the movie right after.
  • It was speculated that the final ACME Night movie would be Space Jam: A New Legacy as every following Sunday was dedicated to Futurama. However, six weeks later The Princess Bride aired with ACME Night bumpers proving the block was not over.