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Adrenaline Rush
Written by Bushnut & Adult Swim
Date 2007

Adrenaline Rush is a song by the band Bushnut. It's known for playing at the end of multiple episodes of TNA's Impact Wrestling during their end show recap segment.

In 2014, Adult Swim used the song in a Bump, with new lyrics. The lyrics involved stuffing a multitude of items into a cornucopia, from normal things such as corn, to the entire Milky Way Galaxy, including another Cornucopia.

Cover adrenaline rush in the cornucopia bushnut & adult swim

Cover art for Adrenaline Rush in the Cornucopia.

Over time the song has been further altered and has coined the name Adrenaline Rush in the Cornucopia. People have added their own vocals to the song, stuffing even more items into the cornucopia. Items currently stuffed into the cornucopia (as of November 2023):

A squash, a sirloin steak, some rare coins, a tombstone, some corn, a wizard hat, a french horn, a battle axe, conjoined twins, a murder weapon, The Earth, The Sun, a mushroom cloud, the concept of end times, The Four Horsemen, The Seventh Seal and The Mily Way Galaxy and another cornucopia.

After listening to the song, many have come to the conclusion that it is possible to stuff literally anything inside a cornucopia. This idea is similar to other commonly used metaphors, such as stick it where the sun dont shine or put it on a bagel which could refer to anything, or everything.