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Adult Swim Video is an American on-demand and ad-free video streaming service which debuted on 2004. Major original content is being produced for the service.


In mid-2004, Adult Swim launched a video-on-demand service on select subscription television providers. The service included several episodes of various Adult Swim original series, syndicated series and Toonami-licensed anime. The s-CRY-ed anime series initially premiered on demand before debuting on the television block in May 2005. Adult Swim introduced online video streaming in 2006, providing a free online video-on-demand service for episodes recent and older than the selected shows. Initially, some episodes premiered on the website and then appear after 1-3 days of airing and reach a week after airing in June 2010.

In August 2011, Adult Swim began requiring TV Everywhere authentication for most episodes on the site, significantly reducing the amount of free content. The service was bundled with the Adult Swim mobile app in 2014. Around this time, Adult Swim began posting all episodes of select series online for free viewing, though some of it was removed in 2015 when Hulu acquired the rights to more shows and once again in 2020 when it launched on HBO Max.

Most of the Adult Swim library is available on HBO Max, while some series are available on Hulu and Tubi. Starting in March 2022, current Adult Swim programming, excluding Rick and Morty (Which is shared with Hulu) and Off The Air, launches on HBO Max the day after new episodes air. Several Adult Swim series are also available for purchase on iTunes, Google TV, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV and Vudu.