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Administrators, or sysops, are the people who keep the wiki vandal free and up and running. Currently there is one active sysop, Spencerz who also has bureaucrat status, and a number of inactive sysops.

Whats the deal?

Administrators have the same standing within the community as any other user, however they do have special powers. In addition to editing articles within the community such as block/ublock users who commit vandalism or do other things deemed to be "against the rules" of the community, protect pages, delete or undelete pages, revert pages that have been vandalised, and hide vandalism from the recent changes page. Bureaucrats are special sysops who, in addition to their sysop abilities, are able to make users sysops.


Administrators are expected to treat everybody with respect, contribute frequently, and never do anything to harm the wiki.

Becoming and Administrator

If you think you have what it takes to be an administrator add your name to this page. For 2 - 4 weeks your application will be voted on by the community. Current policy states that you must have 2/3's of all regular user and sysop votes, and unanimous bureaucrat votes. You must also be willing to take on additional responsibilities within the community.


If you feel that a user needs a block or a ban report it on any sysop's talk page. Also, if you think an administrator has abused their power, post it on Spencerz's talk page or at the Help Desk.

List of Bureaucrats

  • Robin Hood of the Azure Flame (Creator of the Adult Swim Wiki. Inactive.)
  • Ugluk (First adopter of the Wiki. Inactive.)
  • Spencerz (Second adopter of the Wiki. Inactive.)
  • WOT3000 (Third adopter of the Wiki. Active.)

List of Administrators