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First Appearance Dream Corp LLC
Episode One
Performer Ahmed Bharoocha

Ahmed works as a nurse at Dream Corp LLC. He is perhaps the least understood regular character, as he says little in most episodes and is not often spoken of by the other characters. He is usually dressed in a pastel pair of sweatpants and t-shirt visible under his open gown. He is somewhat overweight and seems to frequently be eating junk food. He has no regard for medical hygiene practices, has been observed smoking in the facility and crudely wiping snack food crumbs off on his attire while handling patients. He usually serves as the anesthesiologist, even though he is almost certainly not qualified to do so. In the second season, he also claims to be a registered doula.

Ahmed is often conspicuously absent from the dream chamber when he is needed, seemingly hiding away, even in times of crisis. The other staff members frequently have to page him over a speaker system when they need him, even though the Dream Corp facility must be relatively small as deduced from the appearance of the building from outside. This gives the appearance that Ahmed is perhaps neglectful of his duties much or most of the time. In the final episode of season 1, The Leak, Ahmed falls into a state of apparent incapacitation (Or at least uselessness) which lasts for the whole episode from eating too much chocolate, even though a life-or-death situation is unfolding around him.