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First Appearance FLCL: Progressive
Stone Skipping
Performer Christine Marie Cabanos

Aiko is Goro Mori paid girlfriend, who appears in the FLCL: Progressive episode "Stone Skipping."

When she first appears, she accompanies Goro on a date to the beach and plays the role of a shy, but hyper girl with a "emotional support" plant, and constantly shouts that things are "embarrassing." When she strikes up a conversation with Hidomi about why she's not enjoying herself at the beach, Hidomi then asks if she brought a swimsuit, where she reveals that this wasn't a part of the agreement today.

When she gets ready to leave, she reveals her true demeanor, and demands he pay her overtime. She gives him the plant she was carrying to cover for her running a paid dating service.

She appears to be the daughter of Masurao, and has a habit of giving away items she finds around the house to her paid dates. She tends to overhear his and Eyepatch's conversations, although they pivot to other stuff, such as Masurao becoming "champion" when they're aware of her presence.

In the final episode, her hairband acts as an antennae, essentially turning her into a radio, which allows Hidomi and hinae to speak to each other, before she helps destroy the Medical Mechanica plant, by herself becoming a plant and overgrowing on it.