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Alex Jones (b. 1974) is a far right radio host, and conspiracy theorist known for his show The Alex Jones Show. His trademark is his loud and brash style, which involves lots of yelling.

In 2016 during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Jones hosted a rally on the edge of Lake Erie, that was crashed by Eric Andre, for a bit for The Eric Andre Show. During the unstaged appearance Andre was called on stage by Jones, who repeatedly called him "The Daily Show Guy," implying a connection between Andre and The Daily Show, of which Andre was never a regular contributor. Once onstage Andre informed Jones he had no political leaning, instead identifying as "nihilist," and offered Jones a key to his hotel room so he can have sex with his wife. He then asked Jones about his pee, at which point he was removed from stage. Andre ended the segment referring to the event as "Coachella."

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