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Premiere April 18, 2022
Finale April 28, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 10

Aquadonk Side Pieces is a new spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and was created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis. It was announced on May 19, 2021 since Aqua Teen Hunger Force was cancelled since 2015. The series are short episodes and premiere on Adult Swim's YouTube channel with one short per day for two weeks.


Aquadonk Side Pieces is a series of one-shot shorts featuring Carl Brutananadilewski, Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake facing fan-favorite antagonists like The Mooninites, The Plutonians, MC Pee Pants, The Frat Aliens, Happy Time Harry, Handbanana and The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past.


List of Aquadonk Side Pieces episodes

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