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Premiere November 26, 2006
Finale July 6, 2008
Seasons 2
Episodes 20

Assy McGee is an American adult animated sitcom created by Matt Harrigan and Carl W. Adams for Cartoon Network's late-night programming block Adult Swim and producer by Soup2Nuts. The series features a police detective named Assy McGee, a parody of tough-guy cop characters, who is a walking pair of buttocks, along with partner Don Sanchez.


The series revolves around the antics of Assy McGee, an ultra-violent and emotionally disturbed police detective who happens to have no upper torso, head or arms. With the help of his partner Don Sanchez (Often against the wishes of his superior officers). They patrol around the city's streets in Exeter, New Hampshire and find any cases that are outlandish or exaggerated crimes to investigating.


  • Assy McGee (Voiced by Larry Murphy) - The main character who's a walking, talking lower torso with exposed buttocks. Horribly violent, an alcoholic and clinically depressed.
  • Detective Don Sanchez (Also voiced by Larry Murphy) – Assy's partner and a version of the good cop stereotype. He has a wife and three children, including a son named Rudolpho and often finds himself playing (Unsuccessfully) the voice of reason to Assy. Sanchez is a loyal partner towards Assy, often talking to Assy about a case in the middle of the night and is highly tolerant of Assy's antics no matter how much trouble they get him in.
  • Greg The Chief (Also voiced by Larry Murphy) – Almost always referred to as The Chief (Who bears a resemblance to Al Pacino), is the chief of the Exeter police department. He often argues with Assy over cases, yet is mesmerized when Assy is able to solve a case. Despite this, he shows a grudging respect for Assy.
  • The Mayor (Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) – As the head of the city, the Mayor of Exeter is corrupt and idiotic. He is also obsessed with re-election and will disregard or manipulate the facts of a case in order to further his political career.
  • Officer DiLorenzo (Voiced by Carl W. Adams) – A heavy-set, thick-headed, light-skinned police officer for the Exeter police department. DiLorenzo often teases Assy and doubts his actions. He seems to be a rather hated person in the Exeter police department, Assy is known to refer to him as DiRetardo as a result in numerous episodes to DiLorenzo's chagrin. Despite this, he seems to be a hard worker during appropriate times.
  • Glen (Also voiced by Carl W. Adams) – Was the split-eyed bartender for Bill W's, the bar that Assy often attends in the show. Untill he tragically got murdered by an irish bookie after failing to pay up loans for losing wagers, although he was replaced with a different bartender soon after.


On August 22, 2008, it was canceled after two seasons. Reruns continued to air until September 2017.