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First Appearance Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Bird Girl of Guantanamole
Performer Paget Brewster

Judy Ken Sebben (Aka Birdgirl) is Phil's daughter. Upon meeting Harvey Birdman, she professes an immediate interest in his work, dressing up as Birdgirl and attempting to secure a position as his sidekick. When she is in costume, she is constantly hit on by Phil, who does not realize that they are related.

She is prone to making monologues about her secret identity when she undergoes an internal crisis, often failing to realize that others are within earshot. The monologues, however, are never noticed. Near the end of the series, after Phil is seemingly killed by a bus, she takes control of the law firm.

The character has her own sequel series, where she takes over Sebben & Sebben after dealing with her father's death.