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Birdgirl title
Premiere April 5, 2021
Finale July 17, 2022
Seasons 2
Episodes 12

Birdgirl is an American adult animated superhero comedy television series. It is a spin-off of the television series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law created by Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, which itself was a comedic spin-off of the original 1967 Birdman cartoon and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The series stars the voices of Paget Brewster, Rob Delaney, Sonia Denis, Kether Donohue, John Doman, Negin Farsad, Tony Hale and River L. Ramirez. The series premiered on Adult Swim on April 5, 2021.


Judy Ken Sebben, the daughter of Phil Ken Sebben, fights crime as Birdgirl. When Phil Ken Sebben is killed in an accident, he names Birdgirl as the successor of Sebben & Sebben Worldwide. With help from her friend Meredith the Mind Taker, Birdgirl was able to get Judy to be the new CEO of Sebben & Sebben while still fighting crime on the side.



  • Paget Brewster as Judy Ken Sebben
  • Rob Delaney as Brian O'Brien – The head of human waste at Sebben & Sebben Worldwide.
  • Sonia Denis as Evie The Big Ten – The daughter of one of Sebben & Sebben Worldwide's workers who is friends with the building as she can understand it.
  • Kether Donohue as Gillian Sans– Judy's secretary at Sebben & Sebben Worldwide.
  • John Doman as Dog with Bucket Hat – An anthropomorphic Basset Hound that wears a bucket hat who is the head of security at Sebben & Sebben Worldwide.
  • Negin Farsad as Meredith the Mind Taker – The general manager of Sebben & Sebben Worldwide who is the best friend of Judy with mind-taking abilities.
  • Tony Hale as Paul The Feels – Sebben & Sebben Worldwide's residential masseur. He is openly queer.
  • River L. Ramirez as Charley Strongarm – Sebben & Sebben Worldwide's head of public relations.


  • The series does not feature any other Hanna-Barbera characters as the showrunners were not allowed to use them due to contractual obligations.