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Bob's Burgers.png
Adult Swim Premiere June 23, 2013
Finished 2023
Original Network Fox Broadcasting Company

Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series focuses on the Belcher family. Bob Belcher is the father and owner of restaurant "Bob's Burgers" and has a wife, Linda Belcher, and three kids, Louise, Tina, and Gene. The restaurant also has a frequent customer named Teddy. Unlike other animated sitcoms, Bob's Burgers is more grounded in realism, does not rely heavily on the use of flashback/cutaway gags, and derives its humor from the story and dialogue of the characters.

Reruns of Bob's Burgers have been on Adult Swim (and its sister channel TBS) since 2013 and are set to expire in 2023, due to the Disney aquisition of 21st Century Fox. Cable syndication rights will be held by Disney channels FXX and FreeForm (formerly ABC Family), which will gain the cable syndication rights to the first eight seasons by that date. Adult Swim (and TBS) currently have syndication rights to the first eight seasons. Bob's Burgers is also broadcast on many local television stations. The Disney deal will not affect local stations' syndication rights to air the show.