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Boost phones
First Appearance Aqua Teen Hunger Force
"Boost Mobile"
Performer Killer Mike
  Schoolly D
ATHF Ep 402

To help advertise Boost Mobile Master Shake was saddled with a sentient Boost Mobile Phone, as he promoted the phones features such as Text messaging, the ability to make and receive cellular calls, GPS, Vibra-call alert, downloadable ringtones, boost wireless web for national roaming, pay as you go, facetime, games, molecular transporter, and a Downloadable switchblade.

The group kills the first one by forcing it to follow them on a trip to the center of the Earth, causing it to explode. Afterwards, two more show up, who are subsequently destroyed by being tricked into falling into a hole and having a large rock tossed on them. After a bout of anger and yelling at Josh, several teleport to the Aqua Teen house and assault Shake with their downloadable switchblades.

The phone's voices were heavily modulated in the style of the company's walkie-talkie feature, and voiced by rappers Killer Mike and Schooly D, in reference to the company's marketing style of promoting majorly towards urban minorities at the time.