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Picture of a Kevin Wire bump

On old school TV, especially on music and cartoon channels like MTV and Cartoon Network, there are segments between ads and shows for playing bumps. A bump usually serves the purpose of announcing the next shows being aired on the channel, Adult Swim took this short segment to the next level.

For Adult Swim, the bump segment is used to air short to medium length clips, they have no consistent similarities except that they could all be described as random and often have great music. Themes range from every known genre of music and film with a focus on the abstract, absurd, disturbing, serene and peaceful aspects of creative media.

These bumps are also used to shed light on the underground work of highly underrated animators, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians and music groups who deserve more recognition. Examples of some better known artists and groups that have their work featured in Adult Swim bumps (as of November 2023):

The Alchemist, MF DOOM, Madvillain, Madlib, Odd Future & Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, RJD2, J Dilla, Aesop Rock, Bonobo, Diplo, DJ Vadim, Phaseone, The Mighty Boosh, The Rapture, Tim & Eric, SBTRKT, Mozart and many more still, the majority are undocumented.


A message bump to Adult Swim

Adult Swim Bumps have grown in popularity on existing media platforms, as well as the emergence of others such as Tik Tok, where they quickly became a huge trend due to their short attention grabbing style. People now create their own bumps and upload them so they may be showcased on Adult Swim, the term has now also been adopted as an acronym for Bring Up My Post. There are so many circulating at this point that they just pop up at seemingly random times in the cracks and cornices of the internet.

A more extensive page on Adult Swim bumps can be found here.

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