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Bunny Love is the pilot episode of Superjail!.

Bunny Love
The Warden and his inspiration.
Main Series Superjail!
Season No. 1
Episode No. Pilot
Production No. 000
Original Airdate May 13, 2007
Runtime 11 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-MA
Main Crew
Director(s) Christy Karacas
Writer(s) Christy Karacas
Stephen Warbrick
Ben Gruber
Episode Cast
Voices of David Wain
Teddy Cohn
Richard Mathar
Christy Karacas
Stephen Warbrick
Melissa Brown
Opening theme "Rubber Bullets" by 10cc
Composer(s) Bradford Reed
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Superbar


Jacknife is released from jail only to carjack and kill a father seconds later. When he notices that the victim's daughter is wearing a shirt with a rabbit on it, he crashes the car and attempts to steal a rabbit from a pet store. Before he can leave, Jailbot bursts through the floor and captures Jacknife, destroying the store (and slaughtering all the animals) in the process. Jacknife is transported to the magical facility of Superjail. After being introduced to The Warden, jacknife is dropped into his cell.

Jared, Superjail's accountant, calls a meeting between himself, The Warden, and Alice, Superjail's security guard. After learning of Jacknife's crime, The Warden is inspired to buy rabbit suits for every inmate. However, after interference from The Twins, Superjail recieves both rabbit and wolf suits. The inmates begin identifying as either wolves or rabbits, and after being exposed to a full moon, the wolf-suit inmates attempt to hunt down the rabbit-suit inmates.

A bloodbath insues as the two sides fight each other, with added carnage coming from the Superjail lunch room staff, who begin slaughtering inmates from both sides, believing them to be live meat meant for food. During the chaos, a vat of mystery meat is exposed to an electrical shock, which brings it to life, á la Frankenstein. The meat monster kills a number of lunch ladies and inmates before bursting thourgh the wall and out of Superjail, followed by Jacknife.

The episode ends with the superjail staff eating some of the left-over mystery meat (which now contains body parts of dead inmates), and The Warden declaring his suit idea a success. After the credits, Skinny, a malnourished inmate seen earlier in the episode, is seen eating a (human) rib next to the mystery meat pot. as he finishes, the meat monster pulls skinny into the pot and drowns him.


Chris McCulloch, Aaron Augenblick and Kristofer Wollinger provide additional voices.


  • Many background and recurring characters are introduced for the first time in this episode, including Gary & Bird, The Homosexual Couple, The Perverted Inmate, Janice, and Skinny.
  • While it has not been confirmed by the writers, it is believed that the young girl in the back of the car stolen by Jacknife is Cancer, who appears as a central character in Mr. Grumpy-Pants.