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CNX was a channel that was operated by Turner Broadcasting (a Time Warner company) in the UK and Ireland aimed at the 12-34 male audience, first started on October 14, 2002 and lasted until September 7, 2003 when it was changed to the Toonami channel. The station was based around three key ingredients -- Action, Adventure, and Anime -- which formed the backbone of the schedule. The Daytime of the consisted largely of Anime and more 'mature' cartoons from the existing Toonami blocks on Cartoon Network while the evening moved into more non-censored anime which would have been aired on Adult Swim the United States at the time. Later there were the 'Triple A Movies' which were a combination of martial arts films, anime flims and otherwise. The channel later in the evenings broadcast mainstream television programs such as The Shield.

Shows that aired on CNX[]

The Daytime consisted of the child-friendly Toonami versions of such shows as: