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First Appearance Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Performer Dave Willis
Carl 1981

Class 0f 1981

Carl License

Carl Brutananadilewski is the tritagonist of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

He's the balding, mustached, quick tempered, over weight, neighbor of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He has a strong passion for classic rock (espacially "More Than an Feeling" by Boston), pornography, and sports all of which help him in his favorite activity masterbation. He is visted by misfourtane in almost every episode he's in, including being killed. His car and house are often destroyed. He generally hates the Aqua Teens, and considers them freaks. He espacially hates the Aqua Teens being in his pool, but they are in there a lot anyways. He usually wears a white shirt with no sleeves, blue sweatpants, a yellow chain, and green flip flops. His only known family members are his father (seen in the episode Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future), his mother that he often agures over with on the phone, and his cousin Terry that works for the local mafia. When Carl was asked about what his job is he says that he works out of the home. In season 6 Carl tells Frylock that he studied "elevator repair".

Carl likes Frylock the best. Their relationship is further explored in one episode Party All The Time when Carl at first feels sorry about Frylock having cancer, but then was basically asking Frylock when he was going to die. Out of the three Aqua Teens, Carl likes Master Shake the least. In the episode Super Bowl Carl lies about caring for Meatwad so he could go to the Super Bowl.

Other Media[]

Carl also appears in the ATHF film. In the film he develops big muscles from his exercise machine that is stolen by Dr. Weird to fight Frylock. He survives, but most of his body is gone. Carl's car gets destroyed by giant killer ants in The Brak Show episode We Ski In Peace.



  • As revealed by his license in "Remooned" his birthday is February 19, 1961, which at the time of that episode's airing would make him 43 years old.
  • Carl has a Twitter account, @TheRealCarl2 on Twitter.

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