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Christopher McCulloch (Born September 14, 1971), also known as Jackson Publick, is the creator, director and writer of The Venture Bros.. McCulloch also provides the voices of many main and reccuring characters on the show, as well as most of the one-time characters and provides the voices of many inmates and background characters on Superjail!.

The Venture Bros.[]

McCulloch pitched The Venture Bros. to Comeddy Central twice, being rejected both times. He has stated that he considered pitching the show to Cartoon Network, but did not want to censor the show to meet Cartoon Networks age demographic, unaware of the Adult Swim block. After finding out about the mature block, he pitched the show with the pilot episode The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay in 2003 and the series was greenlit for a season in 2004. The show has gone on to become one of [adult swim]'s most popular shows.

McCulloch works under two names on The Venture Bros.: when being credited as a creator, writer or director, he is credited as Jackson Publick. For his voice work, he is credited under his given name.

McCulloch voices a number of the main and recurring characters, including:


As well as his work with The Venture Bros., McCulloch voices background characters in Superjail!.