Delocated logo
Premiere June 19, 2005
Finale December 17, 2006
Seasons 3
Episodes 30

Delocated is a live action spoof of reality shows starring Jon Glaser.


The show follows a man known as "Jon" and his family, who are part of the Witness Protection Program for reasons unexplained, who have moved to New York to be a part of a reality show. Do to their status in the witness protection program, the family wears ski masks at all times. The family is followed by Yvgeny, a Russian hitman attempting to kill Jon, who is also a part-time stand-up comic.


  • Jon (Jon Glaser) – The lead star in Delocated
  • Susan (Nadia Dajani) – Jon's ex-wife and David's birth mother
  • David (Jacob Kogan) – Jon and Susan's first and only son
  • Mike (Kevin Dorff) – Jon's bodyguard and Jon's best friend in a "formal relationship"
  • Yvgeny (Eugene Mirman) – A Russian hit man who is also a stand up comedian
  • Kim (Zoe Lister-Jones) – A woman who became Jon's girlfriend, after his divorce
  • Rick (Brian Kiley) – Jon's boss at the copy shop.
  • Jay (Adrian Martinez) and Jay II (Larry Murphy) The rarely seen doorman to Jon's building




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