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Dexter's Laboratory
Rude Removal
Air date 1998 (Only at San Diego Comic-Con conventions)
January 22, 2013 (On Adult Swim's YouTube and Website)
Writer Chong Lee
Craig McCracken
Director Rob Renzetti

Rude Removal, known by fans as Dexter's Rude Removal, was the never-before seen and highly controversial episode of Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter creates rude clones of himself and Dee-Dee and must stop them before disaster strikes.


Dexter invents the Rude Removal System, a machine to remove the rudeness from his sister Dee Dee. However, Dee Dee thinks Dexter is the one who is rude. They start fighting and both wind up in the machine. Inadvertently, the Rude Removal System is activated, splitting the pair into well-behaved and rude halves. The rude pair use profanity and harbor destructive tendencies. They proceed to insult their mother and destroy the house and Dexter's lab. Dexter and Dee Dee trick their rude halves back into the Rude Removal System and reverse the process, combining the rude and polite halves and resolving the problem. The segment ends with Dexter and Dee Dee's mother holding a bar of soap, poised to wash the filthy words from their mouths.


Dexter feels that rudeness is keeping him from being a perfect child, so he invents a Rude Extractor to remove the rudeness from his person. However, Dee Dee enters the lab and sees two tanks filled with gas and mischievously makes the gas explode in Dexter's hair. Dee Dee then asks what he's making and Dexter explains it's called the Rude Removal system. They then argued about who's rude and who's NOT! Dee Dee sarcastly replies that she is the rude one and kicks Dexter by the butt, causing Dexter to turn on the system. Dexter finally is able to tackle her, unfortunately they are both hit with the Rude Extractor's beam, causing the two to have British accents and act more polite than before. This creates two evil, rude duplicates of two, which evil Dexter knocks Dexter out before cursing at each other and smashing up the lab.

Mom calls the two down for lunch, so the evil copies of Dexter and Dee Dee smash their way downstairs, breaking things and cursing. Just as they reach the dining room, they stop swearing and sit down at the table, they then proceed to shovel food in their mouths while making rude noises. Mom asks them how they're enjoying the meal, evil Dexter answers with a profane sentence, to which evil Dee Dee counters with more swearing, this makes Mom faint. When Mom awakens, she is caught between a food fight between the rude clones, further angering her and yelling at the two to go to their rooms forever. In response to the request, Rude Dexter starts to back-talk Mom by telling her to do what all good mothers do and clean up the mess yourself, then leaves the kitchen with Rude Dee-Dee. Rude Dexter spots Nice Dexter and Dee-Dee and tells their nice couterparts that their mother wanted them. They accept the matter and ask their evil clones where they were going, in which Rude Dexter replies, we're gonna f*&^ up your lab!. The real Dexter and Dee-Dee do not take the threat too seriously and go on to the kitchen where Mom equips Nice Dee-Dee with a mop and demands the clones to clean up the mess the rude clones made while she went out to get a bar of soap to clean out their mouths. When the nice counterparts are about to clean, they hear the rude clones destroying the lab, which lead their nice counterparts to stop their cleaning, leave a note for Mom and head to the lab before further destruction is made.

The normal Dexter and Dee Dee come to and are able to get their evil twins back to the lab, where they destroy them. The two then leave the lab as Dexter announces he was glad that there was no harm done, as they come around a corner, they see Mom standing before them menacingly with a bar of soap in her hand, she angrily calls Dexter and Dee Dee over to her. As Dexter looks into the camera, he swears before the iris out.


  • Dee Dee: Oooh, Dexter's got gas.
  • Whatcha doin'? Are you making a shrink ray, hmm? Or a remote control that can turn ya into animals, hmm, hmm? Or is it just another dumb robot, hmm? What is it? Huh? Huh?
  • Dexter: Shut up, shut up, shut up! So you want to know what my ingenious invention is, do you?
  • Dee Dee: You know it, bro.
  • Dexter: It is GREAT! That's what it is!
  • Dee Dee: You're right, Dexter. I am the rude one. See?
  • Good Dee Dee: Charmed.
  • Good Dee Dee: Oh my, Dexter! That is deceptive.
  • Rude Dexter: Yeah, we're gonna go f**k up your lab!


  • Adult Swim released the episode on YouTube almost 15 years after its intended airing on July 12, 1998 and they also censored all the bad words.
  • This episode is famous for its excessive use of profanity.
  • The episode contains two cultural stereotypes throughout the episode: Rude Dexter and Dee-Dee have New York City accents and Nice Dexter and Nice Dee-Dee have English accents.
  • At the beginning Dee Dee asks Dexter if he's going to make another remote control that turns people into animals, this is a reference to the pilot episode Changes.
  • When Rude Dexter takes a pie out of the fridge it has a red cherry on it. But when Mom doesn't allow him to have it, the cherry is purple.
  • This episode is similar to Curses from The Powerpuff Girls, The Word of the Day from Rugrats, To Bleep or Not to Bleep from Tiny Toon Adventures, Bleep from Arthur, The Bad Word from Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!, Who Said That? from Baby Looney Tunes, Sailor Mouth from SpongeBob SquarePants, Bad Po from Kung Fu Panda and Baby Talk from Dinosaurs (Those episodes never got banned).
  • A few days after it was uploaded, Adult Swim took it down from its website and made the video private on YouTube. The only way to watch it now is from other YouTube users who uploaded the episode, which soon get taken down for copyright issues.
  • This is the first episode of Dexter's Laboratory to be in 1080p resolution.

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