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Dia de Los Dangerous!
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Main Series The Venture Bros.
Season No. 1
Episode No. 1
Production No. 1-01
Original Airdate August 7, 2004
Runtime 22 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-14 DLV
Main Crew
Director(s) Jackson Publick
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Producer(s) David Lipson
Executive producer(s) Jackson Publick
Rachel Simon
Steven S. H. Yoon
Editor(s) Doc Hammer
Episode Cast
Voices of James Urbaniak
Michael Sinterniklaas
Patrick Warburton
Christopher McCulloch
Doc Hammer
Nina Hellman
Richard Liebmann-Smith
Miguel Martinez-Joffre
Opening theme "No Vacancy" by J.G. Thirlwell
Ending theme "Tuff" by J.G. Thirlwell
Composer(s) J.G. Thirlwell
Previous Episode The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Next Episode Careers in Science

Dia de Los Dangerous! is the first episode of the first season of The Venture Bros..


Dr. Venture appears as a guest lecturer at a Community University in Tijuana, Mexico to speak on how science proves chupacabras are a myth. His audience only of a few bored students because today is Día de los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead. Stepping outside, Venture finds that even Brock is indifferent to his speech. Hank and Dean then approach and point out the sombreros and sugar skulls they have acquired.

A butterfly lands on Venture's shoulder, but is in reality a tiny robotic spy drone for The Monarch. The villain complains to Dr. Girlfriend that Venture must have followed him to Mexico in hope of foiling his latest plan. The Monarch orders a young henchman-cadet named Speedy to lead a group in observing Dr. Venture. Eager to earn his wings, Speedy is further delighted to be entrusted with the keys to the Monarch-mobile.

Venture gives his sons some money and tells them to buy fireworks and sets off to acquire prescriptions, the real reason he came to Mexico. The doctor he finds is reluctant to write the perscriptions, so Venture offers him $100 American as a bribe.

On their own for the day, Hank and Dean decide to take H.E.L.P.eR. to a car-painting garage. Speedy, impatient to prove himself to his boss, urges his fellow henchmen to capture the teens. They knock out Hank and Dean with tranquillizer darts, but Brock spots them loading the unconscious teens into the Monarch-mobile. The panicked henchmen shoot the enraged, charging bodyguard with dozens of tranquilizers, but they seem to have no effect on him. He grabs the closest henchman, who happens to be Speedy, and begins strangling him one-handed. In desperation, a henchman throws the vehicle into reverse and slams into Samson, knocking him out. However, Brock maintains his iron grip around Speedy's throat. When his fellow henchmen are unable to free him, they shoot Speedy in the neck with a dart to quiet his struggling.

Back in his lair, The Monarch is initially furious that his henchmen defied his orders. His changes his attitude when they inform him that Brock Samson is now dead. Without Brock around, The Monarch decides he can demand anything he wants from Dr. Venture using his sons as hostages. He takes one of the boys' communicator watches and attempts to contact his foe, but Venture does not answer.

Dr. Venture wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with a note taped to his chest and bandages around his stomach. The note tells him that he should seek immediate medical attention, and he discovers that one of his kidneys has been stolen. Venture realizes that this is the second kidney he has lost to theft, leaving him without kidneys entirely. When Brock fails to answer his communicator watch, Dr. Venture summons H.E.L.P.eR. instead, who now has a number of automotive decorations. Venture climbs onto the robot's back and tells it to take him to the X-1, where he modifies H.E.L.P.eR. to act as a dialysis machine. When Venture attempts to locate Brock again, he notices dozens of messages The Monarch has left describing his abduction of Hank and Dean. Using the signal from Brock's watch as a beacon, H.E.L.P.eR. carries Venture through the Mexican desert. The doctor is horrified to find that the indicator leads to a shallow grave marked with Brock's combat knife.

Lying in bed, The Monarch displays signs of agitation, prompting Dr. Girlfriend to ask him to talk to her. At first he vents about Venture's seeming indifference towards his sons, but Girlfriend senses something deeper and asks about The Monarch's own parents.

The villain tells her about the plane crash that killed his parents, leaving him orphaned as an eight-year-old. He became enchanted by the Monarch butterflies in the area and began imitating them. One day, he awoke to find his "adoptive family" gone. He confesses that his current scheme is an excuse to search for what he considers his foster parents. Dr. Girlfriend urges The Monarch to try to be a father to Dean and Hank rather than searching for the butterflies.

Sobbing over the loss of his bodyguard, Venture guzzles tequila. As he babbles drunkenly, Brock emerges from the ground still clutching Speedy's corpse. Brock chugs the rest of the tequila and demands to know where the boys are.

The Monarch decides to bring the boys cookies. They jump him, but he thinks their feeble attacks are good-natured horseplay.

As Brock and Dr. Venture near the cocoon in the X-1, Brock disconnects Dr. Venture from his robotic kidney so that H.E.L.P.eR. can continue to pilot the jet. He hustles Dr. Venture towards the rear of the plane, where his Dodge Charger is stowed. After a brief altercation with a chupacabra hiding in his car, Brock loads the doctor into the Charger and before Dr. Venture can object, opens the cargo bay door and backs the car out of the jet in mid-air.

The Monarch is still wrestling with the boys when Brock's Charger crashes through the ceiling. Brock orders Dr. Venture to get out and take care of the boys. He exacts his revenge on the henchmen by running over dozens of them. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend flee in an escape pod as Brock continues to slaughter his goons. Dr. Venture shuffles towards the boys, who render a joyous Team Venture salute.

Back on board the X-1, Dr. Venture explains to his sons that he will need a kidney transplant from one of them. The boys play rock, paper, scissors to decide who the donor will be, but they wake up to find that Dr. Venture has taken one from each of them; as it turns out, they tied with "rock."