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Dr Roberts
First Appearance Dream Corp LLC
Episode One
Performer Jon Gries

Dr. Roberts is the founder and executive of Dream Corp LLC. He has an appearance which slightly resembles that of Apple founder Steve Jobs, but with a 1970s style fro hairstyle with a receding hairline. Despite his use of the title Dr., he seems to have a poor understanding of conventional medical practices, for example, having it pointed out by the presumably less qualified intern Joey in Season 1, Episode 2, that a dose of selecoxabrin sanadrol he called for would kill a patient. It is possible that Dr. Roberts is not, in fact, a legitimately qualified medical doctor. He is very absent-minded and easily distracted. He often becomes preoccupied with finding coffee mugs or requesting beverages such as Turkey Dinner (A beverage resembling an energy drink in a tall aluminum can), even during a crisis.

He has USB female connectors implanted into the tops of his hands, apparently in a less than surgically precise and hygienic manner, considering the raised, red irritation surrounding the implantation area, which seems to have never quite healed properly. He uses these USB connectors to electronically link into his patients' dreams, via USB cables connected to the walls in the Dream Corp. facility.

He conducts his treatments in an off-the-cuff manner, often beginning quickly without thoroughly examining patient files, for instance. He is sometimes seen to carelessly toss or shove important objects aside, with no apparent regard for the cleanliness of his working area.

Despite Dr. Roberts' flaws, carelessness, highly unconventional methodologies and the frequent crises which result, he occasionally has success in treating his patients, such as curing an elderly woman of her smoking habit.