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Premiere October 22, 2016
Finale November 22, 2020
Seasons 3
Episodes 28

Dream Corp LLC is a psychedelic sci-fi/workplace comedy show featuring a mixture of live-action and animation and the first on Adult Swim to use rotoscoping. The series debuted October 22, 2016.

Dream Corp LLC concerns a psychotherapeutic facility in a dirty, run-down strip mall building by the same name. Helmed by the easily distracted Dr. Roberts, the facility treats patients with psychological troubles by viewing, entering, interpreting and often manipulating their dreams. Dream Corp's practices are highly questionable and perhaps illegal; when greeting new visitors, the receptionist asks if they are law enforcement or government agents. Roberts employs a team of incompetent scientists to help analyze and record those thoughts plaguing the doctor's patients. In treatment sessions, Dr. Roberts, the team utilize a blend of anesthesia and other psychotropic drugs, as well as seemingly advanced computer virtual reality and graphics display technology, which seems to belie the mostly terribly outdated equipment seen in their facility; the most modern piece of computer equipment they seem to visibly use by far is a tablet with a credit card swiper.

The patients are composed of a rotating cast. Dream Corp's protocols discourage using patients' names (Even by the patients themselves), instead referring to them by numbers. This is intended to dehumanize them for the purposes of science.

A running gag for the first several episodes was the calibration process, which consisted of Dr. Roberts asking patients to look in a certain direction during their guided dreams. There, they would see a professional sign-spinner, depicted in a gif seen to the right on this page, where they invariably stated, I hate those guys, before falling deeper into the dream state where Roberts and staff would analyze and manipulate their dreams. This ended early in season 2.

Dream Corp LLC was created by Daniel Stessen, known for writing and directing The Gold Sparrow, an animated short film released in 2013. Adult Swim commissioned a pilot based on Stessen's original idea for the series in May 2014, ahead of the network's upfront. The series is produced by Williams Street and Artbelly Productions. The former company collaborated with Caviar Content to produce the pilot. Dream Corp LLC was ordered for a full season in November 2015 and the network made mention of the series in their 2016 upfront.

On March 28, 2017, John Krasinki revealed on twitter that the show was renewed for a second season.[1]

In June 2022, the series was scrubbed from the official Adult Swim website and YouTube channel.

On July 15, 2022, actor Jon Gries confirmed the series was cancelled after three seasons and it was sold to Hulu, and there have been talks to revive it.[2]


  • Executive Producer: Stephen Merchant and John Krasinki
  • Producers: Brian King, Kahlea Baldwin and Chad Nicholson
  • Animation: BeMo
  • Producer for Williams Street: Ollie Green
  • Executive Producer for Williams Street: Keith Crofford and Walter Newman