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Eeney, Meeney, Miney...Magic!
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Main Series The Venture Bros.
Season No. 1
Episode No. 5
Production No. 1-04
Original Airdate September 4, 2004
Runtime 22 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-14
Main Crew
Director(s) Jackson Publick
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Producer(s) Dave Lipson
Executive producer(s) Jackson Publick
Steven S. H. Yoon
Editor(s) Doc Hammer
Episode Cast
Voices of James Urbaniak
Michael Sinterniklass
Patrick Warburton
Chris McCulloch
Steven Rattazzi
Lisa Hammer
Rachel Simon
Doc Hammer
Tom Vollette
Mia Barron
Opening theme "No Vacancy" by J.G. Thirlwell
Ending theme "Tuff" by J.G. Thirlwell
Composer(s) J.G. Thirlwell
Previous Episode The Incredible Mr. Brisby
Next Episode Ghosts of the Sargasso

Eeney, Meeney, Miney...Magic! is the fifth episode of the first season of The Venture Bros.. The episode serves as the introduction episode for recurring characters Dr. Byron Orpheus and his teenage daughter Triana.