Three Busy Debras
Air date March 29, 2020
Writer Sandy Honig
Mitra Jouhari
Alyssa Stonoha
Director Anna Dokoza

In this Christmas special, the ladies set out to do damage control after killing Debra's pool boy.


Debra‡ and Debra† kill Debra*'s pool boy, and fear for the consequences of getting their tubes tied by the town tube tier. The Debras enact a plan, with one infiltrating the police department, another disposing of the body in her closet and the third honors the pool Boy's memory by hiring another one.

Debra‡ infiltrates the Police Precinct to retrieve the neighbor's case folder while Debra† purchases a purse big enough to hide the pool boy's body into her closet full of skeletons.

The police are called out for a female mess, as Debra* forces the new pool boy (brother of the last pool boy) to clean the blood spatter on the pavement.

Debra* is able to conceal the blood as the police arrive, and for wasting valuable police resources the neighbor is awarded a medal.





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