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Perfect Hair Forever
Air date November 7, 2004

The first episode concerns a young boy named Gerald who is on a quest to find the perfect hair due to his premature baldness. He seeks help from his Uncle Grandfather, a pervert who loves to eat and watch his young schoolgirl companion, Brenda, dance around in a short mini-skirt and thong. Also of no particular help is Uncle Grandfather's gift to Gerald, the Action Hot Dog. Action Hot Dog is a hot dog which chants do the la la la la!

The hero soon enters a forest, in which he encounters Cat Man, an odd cloud, Space Ghost being mauled by a Bear, his Coiffio's robot companion, 'Model Robot', and his arboreal agent, the Inappropriate Comedy Tree.

The end credits are written in the Wingdings font and use the song Love Theme by Eddie Horst. The credits roll over live action footage of a dancing clown windsock.