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Black Dynamite
Puppet Street
Air date August 8, 2011(ASV)
September 2, 2012 (television)
Writer Carl Jones & Brian Ash
Director Juno Lee


Black Dynamite is assigned on a mission to stop a rogue puppet named That Frog Kurtis and his gang from delivering his schemes on national television.


Black Dynamite is at a chicken restaraunt, hitting on a lovely clerk. Later, while Black Dynamite haves sex with her, he is interrupted by a helicopter. The naked Black Dynamite then jumps into the helicopter and throws the pilot out. He then finds his old CIA associate, Dennis Flynn. Black Dynamite is then assigned into stopping That Frog Kurtis, a rogue educational puppet who plots of executing his diabolicial plan on television. Black Dynamite refuses until he remembers his moment of his father leaving Dynamite's mother while watching That Frog Kurtis. Then, Black Dynamite asks Dennis "how to get to Puppet Street". Then, Black Dynamite, alongside with Cream Corn, Honey Bee, and Bullhorn drives to Puppet Street. They arrive that Puppet Street is a ghetto hood. Black Dynamite battles a puppet, which leads to Black Dynamite into defeating the puppet, but unfortunately, the crew are soon captured. Later, Black Dynamite finally meets That Frog Kurtis, who explains his plan. Then, as the crew are about to be killed, Black Dynamite manages to escape and the crew eventually defeats Kurtis's army as he is broadcasting his show. Black Dynamite gets his hands on Kurtis but Kurtis pleases Dynamite's forgiving moments. As Dynamite is about to spare Kurtis, the puppet pulls out a sword, causing Black Dynamite into ripping the frog into shreds. He uses the puppet's decayed body to finish off the broadcast, shocking the kids.

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N/A "Bullhorn Nights" or "Murder She Throats"