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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Georgia Kriss
Storyboards David Hootselle

The illustrious career of famed celebrity Mr. Frog is jeopardized after he attempts to eat a TMZ reporter. Pim and Charlie are tasked with rehabilitating Frog; first, the two try to get him to quit drugs and have him donate money to the city, which goes awry when Frog accidentally slices off the hands of the city comptroller during the ceremony. They then put him on "sleeping pills" given to him by Charlie, only for a lucid Mr. Frog to say something extremely offensive on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, getting him completely blacklisted from the industry. Meanwhile, Glep is hired as Frog's replacement on The Mr. Frog Show, but the show's ratings-obsessed producer finds his ordinary behavior too "toxic" and forces him to tone himself down. The show's audience reacts with disgust to the reboot during its filming. Frog then appears in the studio to apologize and ends up eating the producer for refusing to rehire him, regaining the public's love and becoming rich enough to host the show himself.

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