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Birdgirl (2021)
Birdgirl Ep 102
Air date April 12, 2021
Writer Anca Vlasen
Director Richard Ferguson-Hull

Judy is angry that Meredith does not trust her with important decisions. Brian falls out of a portal following the incident in the last episode. When Etan Delvay (Nicholas Braun), the brilliant but awkward CEO of a rival tech company, proposes to her to test his new invention, the ShareBear (Ron Funches), an AI-powered teddy bear which can perform psychotherapy, on the Sebben & Sebben employees and let her invest in the project, she accepts, risking a large part of her shares in Sebben & Sebben. All employees are given their own ShareBear and confide in it. Brian even takes one after regretting what he did to Scot in the last episode. Meredith does not trust Etan and spies on him. She learns how to obtain all the information stored on a ShareBear, steals Etan's personal Bear and tries to extract the information from it so she can prove her suspicions, discovering that Etan had been the one to buy Judy's shares. But the procedure leads to all ShareBears blurting out the personal information stored on them at once, leading to panic and revolt among the employees. Meredith apologizes to Judy for creating the chaos and for not trusting Judy. The Bird Team destroys all ShareBears, while the employees attack Etan. Meredith and Judy then find a letter from Etan showing she was wrong and that Etan had intended to return Judy's shares to her as a gift for believing in him enough to invest. Now disfigured with his broken body rebuilt with ShareBear parts, a bitter Etan swears revenge on Judy.



  • Animation by Awesome, Inc.



Birdgirl, Meredith the Mind Taker, Charley, Dog with Bucket Hat, Paul, Gillian Sans, ShareBear, Etan Delvay


  • Paget Brewster as Judy Ken Sebben/Birdgirl
  • River L. Ramirez as Charley
  • Negin Farsad as Meredith the Mind Taker
  • John Doman as Dog
  • Tony Hale as Paul
  • Kether Donohue as Gillian
  • Ron Funches as ShareBear
  • Nicholas Braun as Etan Delvay

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