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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Georgia Kriss
Storyboards Jakub Zieba

A preview asks the audience to vote on whether a new character, "Smormu," should be added to the show. Pim and Charlie are called to help Shrimp, a reclusive and awkward gamer who was recently left by his girlfriend, Shrimpina. Charlie believes Shrimp should move on, while Pim aims to reunite the two and seeks her out to set her up on a blind date with Shrimp. Pim ends up developing feelings for Shrimpina instead and tries to steal the date, but changes his mind once he sees Charlie with a miserable Shrimp at the agreed upon meeting spot and reluctantly reintroduces the two. As it turns out, the woman Pim located was not Shrimpina at all, but a stranger named Jennifer. However, Jennifer finds herself attracted to Shrimp anyways, leaving a heartbroken Pim with Smormu - who had been voted in by the audience - attempting to cheer him up. A post-credits scene shows that Smormu was later beaten to death.

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