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Dream Corp LLC
Air date November 6, 2016
Writer Christopher Roe
Director Daniel Stessen

Patients confront fears and relationship phobias.


Randy heads down a ladder and suddenly drops his vape under some gears. He successfully retrieves it to only have his hand chopped off by a laser. Dr. Roberts looks over Patient 86 and instructs him to lick some "truth paste". 86 reveals, among some other embarrassing and troubling things, that he's worried his boyfriend may not love him anymore. His boyfriend, Patient 103, shows up late and nags him.

In the dream chamber control room, Randy is missing, so 88 goes to search for him, and finds him in a storage area, where Randy has just attached a robot hand to his arm. The hand suddenly grips his crotch and starts a rhythmic stroking motion, giving all the appearance of masturbation, making 88 very uncomfortable. When 88 tries to interfere, the robot hand goes for his (88's) crotch and continues. T.E.R.R.Y. enters, and is dumbstruck at what he sees. 88 pulls away, and the hand immediately returns to Randy's crotch. It's not entirely clear whether the hand somehow took on a "mind of its own", or if Randy had full control of the hand the whole time and did all of this intentionally.

With Randy still missing, Roberts attempts to calibrate Patients 86 and 103 himself. In their collective dream 86 and 103 are fleeing from something on penis-shaped dolphins, as Dr. Roberts attempts and fails to stop them and is glitched somewhere else. Meanwhile, Joey tries in vain to work the machines.

Dr. Roberts re-emerges in a forest landscape and is immediately hunted by The Predator. Patients 86 and 103 walk up stairs and appear in a hot air balloon, 86 almost knocks 103 out of the balloon, grabbing him before he falls, he then falls after informing him this was his idea.

Dr. Roberts cuts through the wall of the dream, into a purple void spinning a tricycle wheel before curling into a fetal position. Randy enters, now apparently with normal control over his new prosthetic hand. He brings Dr. Roberts back to waking life as 86 seizes and passes out. The basket carrying 86 then turns into a boat as 86 is accosted by a Catfish who informs him "Pizza means Pizza in Espanol (Spanish)".

Randy and Doctor Robots place both patients in 103's mind (i.e., his dream). They (the patients) are accosted by the Predator. 86 convinces 103 that he always runs from their life, and the Predator convinces him that he takes him for granted. The patients awake, and 103 asks 86 to marry him, who mentions his ribs feel broken, from Randy's CPR.


  • Producers: Brian King, Kahlea Baldwin, Chad Nicholson
  • Animation: BeMo
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Merchant, John Kasinki


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