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The Eric Andre Show
Ericandre ep104 002 Brandi Glanville
Air date June 10, 2012
Writer Eric Andre
Director Andrew Barchilon
Kitao Sakurai

Eric quits to the opening monologue for make up with a girl of the crew. Eric presents "Top 1 List". A political pianist (G. Larry Butler) interrupts an interview. Eddie Pepitone and Amy Schumer guest star.

  • Guests: Brandi Glanville, Joe Biden (portrayed by a roast duck hanging on a string), Paul Tsongas (portrayed by a package of cheese hanging on a string), stand-up comedy performance by TP Pitchfork Bolger
  • Musical guest: Lisa Stanley and Killer Mike
  • Skits: Breaking News / Hannibal Buress, ESQ., Swimsuit model, Werewolf Basketball, Agnostic Preacher