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12 oz. Mouse
Air date November 6, 2005
Writer Matt Maiellaro

A giant spider appears in Fitz's house and weaves an arrow in its web. Skillet manages to escape from The New Guy and rejoins Fitz. When Fitz discovers new clues, the Clock appears and doses him with time gas, compelling him to destroy the evidence. Fitz and Skillet break into a music store and rock out. Peanut Cop and Producer Man show up, and Producer Man offers Fitz a record deal – until his head is mysteriously sliced in half. Meanwhile, Liquor reads a letter erroneously delivered to him written by someone named "Mosquitor." A large amount of blood drips from the letter. Fitz delivers the record he made to Shark. Its title is "F-Off." Back at home, Fitz finds a severed hand that Shark apparently left under his bed. Shark says it's also a record and tells him to "Spin it."

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