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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date December 23,2001
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro


In the opening, Carl is admiring his pool (completely decked out with painted flames and neon lights) and preventing Master Shake from getting anywhere near it because he is weird. Suddenly, a black hole appears in the sky and begins to suck up Carl. Frylock tries to help by tying a garden hose around his waist and having Master Shake hold on to it, but Shake ties it to a loosely-fitted gutter, and Frylock and Carl are sucked into the vortex.

Inside the house, Shake tricks Meatwad into climbing inside the dryer. When Frylock escapes the vortex (along with Carl, whose hands have grown greatly), he finds Shake inside and berates him for not holding the hose. When the dryer stops and Meatwad exits, he discovers he now has magical static powers (which he promptly uses to send Shake into midair, finally letting him go near the ceiling fan). While mainly using his shots of electricity to torment Shake, he does cause a great deal of harm: he shorts out Frylock's computer, jumps into Carl's pool (while Carl had his hand in it, blasting him across the yard and electrocuting him), and accidentally kills his friend, Squirrely.

Frylock, in a desperate attempt to remove Meatwad's powers, has Meatwad perform a "balloonism," having him take a blown-up balloon (shaped like Squirrely) and rub it over his body. Unfortunately, this doesn't work; the balloon becomes a massive electrified balloon which becomes even larger when Frylock tries to destroy it with electricity from his eyes. Eventually, it floats towards the sea, and the Aqua Teens head towards the beach. Frylock covers Meatwad in shattered glass and throws him in the ocean to pop the balloon; unfortunately, to get him to float, Frylock has to remove Meatwad's brain, causing him to only float around in the water and say "Do what now?" over and over. Eventually, another vortex opens, sucking up both the balloon and Meatwad. Back home, while Shake and Frylock are in Carl's pool (with Shake claiming he could open the sky at his whim), Meatwad reappears, this time ten times his normal size. Meatwad asks Frylock to "get away from the pool," and he then proceeds to jump onto Shake and the pool as the episode ends.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Dr. Weird, Steve, Squirrely, Balloonenstein

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