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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Bob Dorian (uncredited)
Storyboards Mark Sheard

While getting dinner at the popular fast food restaurant Salty's, Pim and Charlie find founder Simon S. Salty dead in a back room. They call the police, who explain that the murder investigation division was moved to a separate company due to budget cuts; Mr. Boss then calls and informs them that the Smiling Friends are in fact the police's new division. They interrogate Salty's team of living mascots, all of whom display alarmingly unhinged behavior. They eventually recover security footage from a discontinued "century egg" mascot that reveals that Salty had ultimately died of a heart attack from his own unhealthy diet (ironically, after eating what he swore would be his last burger before changing his lifelong eating habits), but that all of his mascots later separately attempted to kill him for their own reasons, unaware that they were attacking a corpse. The mascots leave the restaurant and immediately begin to wreak havoc in public. In a post-credits scene, the Friends bury the century egg in China at his request, only for Charlie to dig him back up when Pim wonders what he tasted like.

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