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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Georgia Kriss
Storyboards Jakub Zieba

While on a mission to help the princess of the nearby Enchanted Forest smile for a portrait, Pim and Charlie get sidetracked by a hobbit-like forest dweller named Mip. Charlie undertakes several quests despite his earlier apathy towards doing so, causing Pim to accidentally kill Mip in a jealous struggle. Remorseful, he and Charlie give the princess the gift Mip had intended for her, but she reveals that Mip was her stalker; inside the box is a bomb, which she frantically discards in a panic before finally smiling upon learning of his demise. In a post-credits scene, back at the office, Charlie has an allergic reaction to a "potion" Mip had urged him to drink on a quest, claiming it was a cure for headaches.

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