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Dream Corp LLC
Air date November 27, 2016
Writer Daniel Stessen
Director Daniel Stessen

A leak forces the staff to evacuate during dream maintenance; Joey is left behind in the dream world.


After falling during her dream maintenance, Joey begins running to the center of her mind, if she makes it, she'll be trapped in her subconscious, and thus a Coma. Dr. Roberts enters back into her mind and meets her in a hellish landscape taking on the form of a demon,she refuses to return because no one listens to her,and her internship has lasted nine years. Randy sets up a "firewall", to protect Roberts from Joey's attacks, but it's not strong enough, he's also unable to pull him out because he doesn't have enough power, so they have to use T.E.R.R.Y. to do it. After he comes out, they pull Joey into the Lab, and get someone at the door. General Jim Joynose from the United States military tells Patient 88 to ask Roberts if he remembers Patient 13.


  • Producers: Brian King, Kahlea Baldwin, Chad Nicholson
  • Animation: BeMo
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Merchant, John Kasinki


Guest Starring:

  • Liam Neeson as Joey's demon voice
  • Cleo King as Jim Joynose

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