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12 oz. Mouse
Air date January 1, 2006
Writer Matt Maiellaro

Rectangular Businessman executes Rhoda by telepathically slicing his head in half, revealing a fire-breathing snake inside. Fitz takes down The New Guy with a rocket-powered skateboard and helps Skillet and the rest escape the shack. Skillet discovers an invitation to a fancy party Shark is holding, and Fitz decides to crash it. Shark and Rectangular Businessman get fed up with the Eye and decide to punish him. Rectangular Businessman makes Pronto enter Fitz's house to free the Hand from his icebox. The Hand subsequently cuts off the Eye's leg with a pair of shears. At the party, Fitz is sucked into a passageway behind a bookshelf. As Skillet is shot with a dart and Eye collapses in a puddle of blood, Shark watches from his control room and laughs evilly.


  • This episode originally aired in an incomplete state. Lighting effects and end credits were added to the episode by the next replay.

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