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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Bob Dorian (uncredited)
Storyboards Michael Harris

A rival company called the "Frowning Friends," run by a pair of lookalikes named Grim and Gnarly, moves in across the street, and besmirch the Smiling Friends' reputation when they begin spreading gloom across the town. As the company's profits plummet, Mr. Boss has a psychotic break and attempts to assassinate Grim. Grim sobs and begs for his life in front of his supporters, revealing that his nihilistic attitude was a sham and causing former Frowning Friends patrons to boycott the company. Mr. Boss convinces Grim and Gnarly to smile for the first time, only for them to be killed by passing "Renaissance men" on horseback, to the consternation of Pim and Charlie.

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