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Smiling Friends
Air date January 10, 2022
Director Bob Dorian (uncredited)
Storyboards David Hootselle

While fetching a Christmas tree for the office on Christmas Eve, Pim and Charlie argue about the latter's pessimistic attitude until a tree falls on Charlie and gruesomely kills him. He awakens in Hell, which has frozen over as Satan is suffering from a bout of depression. Charlie travels to Satan's castle and offers to make him smile, on the condition that Satan must send him back to Earth if he succeeds. Satan finally smiles after harming Charlie and realizes that torturing people gives him pleasure, and tries to back out of their deal, only for God (Gilbert Gottfried) to reveal the whole thing was a test, and send Charlie back to Earth during his funeral. An elderly Glep, who has been narrating the episode the entire time, informs his grandson that the story is true and that Christian Hell is real before wishing the audience a Merry Christmas.

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