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Sealab 2021
Air date April 7, 2002
Writer mc chris
Adam Reed
Matt Thompson
John J. Miller

Murphy is trapped by an evil soda machine, while the rest of the crew goes out on tour with mc chris as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids. The jazz-themed machine sells Root Bird, Gilberto Grape (also a reference to a film titled What's Eating Gilbert Grape), Artie Shawberry, Kiwi Holiday, Peachmo, John Cola-Trane, Don Wild Cherry, Vince Guavaldi, Dave Bruberry, Cab Colaway, Dexterade, Nina Lemone, Mango Reinhardt, Getzberry, Fizzy Gillespie, Marian McPineapple, Or'ngette Coleman, and Mingus Dew.