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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date December 8, 2002
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

Intefection is the fourteenth episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Master Shake is trying to convince Meatwad that there is no need for him to brush his teeth. He says that dental plaque is a conspiracy invented by toothpaste companies to get people to buy their products. After Meatwad says that Shake wouldn't know because he doesn't have any teeth (which actually isn't true), Shake claims that he got rid of them because he was straight, and that teeth are for gay people -- "that's why fairies come and get them."

They then head into Frylock's room and decide to get to the bottom of this, with Shake searching for "teeth, 'plaque conspiracy', and Metallica" on the Internet. After Meatwad tries to convince Shake to include Justin Timberlake in the search, Shake threatens to stab his mouth shut with skewers and cut him up with an ax, causing Meatwad to cry. After he's calmed down, Meatwad notices a pop-up on the screen, which Shake clicks. This, of course, brings more and more pop-ups onto the screen. Eventually, the problem grows and grows until the room itself is full of real-life pop-up ads, and the computer is destroyed by a pop-up slicing the monitor when it is created. However, the ads keep popping up, and they can't be closed out for whatever reason.

Frylock gets home during this, and finds out just what has happened after Meatwad blows their cover. He goes in his room, pulls the plug and the phone line leading into his computer, but things keep coming in. Finally, after Frylock pulls the fuse out in his room, one final popup comes up, revealing the Internet's ruler, the Wizard (actually spelled Www.yzzerdd.com). After Frylock tries and fails to get him to get rid of all the pop ups, he enters the internet and tries to get the Wizard to stop with the pop ups. The Wizard tries to convince him of the benefits of staying with the Internet service he has now, going as far as to show him what is going on next door at Carl's house. Carl is not pleased with the pop-ups, being unable to breathe because of the space they take up and unable to get to his bathroom because it "is currently being blocked by some stupid ass hit the monkey game". One more pop-up comes down in front of him, severing his fingertips. Frylock finally decides that enough is enough, and tells the Wizard that he's going offline. Frylock is then presented with a pop-up giving him a choice: Yes (where he would be signed up for extremely intrusive services, including the 'Home Invasion Cam'), or No. Naturally, he chooses no, but doesn't read it through—he's been given another 90 days to decide what he wants to do. Defeated, Frylock leaves, and takes Shake and Meatwad to live in the woods for the next three months—only to discover Shake has a wireless computer, and the pop-ups return.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Dr. Weird, Steve, wwyzzerdd.com

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