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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Bad Replicant
Air date November 10, 2002
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

Bad Replicant is the fifteenth episode ofAqua Teen Hunger Force.


The Plutonians hatch another plan, this time involving the abduction of Master Shake. Once they lure Shake aboard their ship, they dispatch a replicant to take his place. Unfortunately, the replicant only slightly resembles Master Shake and cannot dupe Frylock or Meatwad into believing that he is the real Master Shake.

Nearing the end of the episode, their plans were foiled and about 30 second later the Plutonians' ship's engines fail (which is unseen) and begins to fall to Earth. Shortly before the impact, Oglethorpe shouts "OH MY GOODNESS!" due to realizing that the impact was about to occur. Then the ship eventually crashlands. After the impact, Oglethorpe shouts to Emory "GO!, GO!, GO!, DON'T GO BACK JUST GO!" as the plutonians leave the wrecked ship.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Dr. Weird, Steve, Emory, Oglethorpe, Major Shake

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