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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date December 29, 2002
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future is the eighteenth episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the Season One finale.


Carl is sleeping in his room when he is awakened by a robot that claims to be the Ghost of Christmas Past. He has come to show Carl what Christmas was like for Carl in 1968. A flashback shows a young Carl and his father. Carl opens his "present", which he hopes is "a new mommy", but instead is a piece of berber carpet, which apparently is also his dinner. Carl's dad says that it's time to go to work at the insulation factory, and for Carl to put on his respirator and work boots. Suddenly, a huge robot stomps in the room and shoots lasers everywhere. Carl remembers eating carpet, but not the lasers and the robots. The ghost claims that the reason he doesn't remember is because it was only a prophecy, but in the future, the past has occurred. Carl reminds the robot that it's not Christmas at all, but in fact February. The robot leaves in a cloud of smoke, saying he'll be back in December, "tomorrow". When Carl tries to tell him to lock the door on his way out, the robot smashes through the door.

Master Shake shows up to tell Carl that his pool is full of blood, not that stuff what turns red when you pee in it, admitting he has had to pee in Carl's pool a number of times. Carl comments on how it looks like "someone ran a heard of cows through a juicer or something". Frylock determines it to be elfin blood. When Carl demands to know who had done this, the ghost arrives and informs them all that he is responsible for the blood. Frylock asks him why, and he goes into a long story, explaining how thousands of years ago, an ape named "Sir Santa of Claus" enslaved alien elves to make toys, then became lost during the Ice Age and built his house in the exact spot where Carl's house currently sits. Meatwad is frightened that the whole story is true, but Frylock assures him that it's not. The ghost changes his story, saying Santa is now a machine. Frylock reminds the ghost that he still hasn't explained the elf blood, and he says that it was due to an event called the "great circuiting." He then goes back into another story, and talks all through the night, ending with an explanation of where babies come from--for machines. Everyone else has fallen asleep from boredom, and Carl has passed out drunk, but Meatwad is still engaged in conversation with the "Ghost." When they awaken Frylock, they reveal the answer to the question he asked the Ghost hours before: the blood is in the pool because Carl's house was built on elf graves, and the ghost is haunting it because Carl desecrated the land because he lives there. The only way to end it is for Carl to give himself sexually to the "Great Red Ape."

Carl would much rather just move out, though, so he packs his boxes. He gets ready to take a shower to get ready for some potential buyers for his house, but ends up covered in elfin blood. He ends up showing the house to Glenn Danzig. He explains the features of the house and the shrieking robot that comes with it, and shows him the pool, still filled with blood. Danzig loves all this, since it perfectly fits his (famously) morbid taste. He asks for a price, and accepts Carl's offer of a million. After moving in, he runs sprinklers which spray blood all over the front yard and house, and comes over to the Aqua Teens' house, looking for the robot, which he says he cannot find. Shake says he hasn't seen him, but does show Danzig a "haunted kitchen," which is Meatwad covered in a blanket with the lights flipping on and off, in an attempt to get Danzig to buy their house. Danzig gets angry and leaves, cursing at Shake that if he finds out the robot's in his house, that he will use Shake's skull as a bowl to eat his cereal out of. Meatwad tells the ghost to come out from the hallway. The ghost says that he is freaked out and annoyed by Danzig ("He doesn't wear a shirt"). Shake orders him to make their house bleed.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Dr. Weird, Steve, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

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