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Dream Corp LLC
Air date October 21, 2018

Patient 21 is afraid to fall asleep. He is literally afraid he'll die if he does, as he suffers from night terrors and sleepwalking. In fact, he arrives at Dream Corp with a black eye from his neighbor punching him after sleepwalking into his home. Notably, as Bea walks him through the hall to a dream chamber, he pauses at the water cooler that has been made into a makeshift shrine to Joey, and he asks if someone died, to which Bea doesn't respond, only beckoning him into the dream chamber area. This is the only sight or mention of Joey in season 2. This is also the first episode with Ahmed's new outrageous new mullet.

After a parasomnia episode injures the new intern Bea, Dr. Roberts drops in to the patient's dreams to guide him through the wake of his fears. After calibration, the dream starts at 21's father's house, which is a recurring pattern for him. The house is on top of a beehive, which Bea finds to represent a lover. 21's ex-wife appears. The house disintegrates and 21 and Dr. Roberts ride a panther at high speed, which then also diisintegrates, causing Dr. Roberts to lose 21. Bea then explains to Roberts that this symbolizes a separation of power, and that 21 needs to face his future. When Dr. Roberts reunites with 21 in his dream, they face a tsunami, and Roberts tells him to let go of his ex-wife and fall in love. 21 falls into a peaceful sleep as Akron/Family's song "Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead" plays. When Bea tells everyone the next appointment is waiting, Dr. Roberts tells the crew to wake him up and get him out of there quickly.


  • Producers: Brian King, Kahlea Baldwin, Chad Nicholson
  • Animation: BeMo
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Merchant, John Kasinki


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