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Smiling Friends
SM E201
Air date April 1, 2024
Director Paul Ter Voorde
Storyboards James Cunningham, Michael Cusack, Michael Dockery & Zach Hadel

Pim and Allan try to help washed-up video game mascot Gwimbly by getting his parent company to make him a new game. When the CEO refuses, they decide to make the game themselves, leaving him enraged that they are using his intellectual property without permission. As he hunts them with the company's new game mascot, Troglor, the trio discover that Gwimbly's nemesis is busy with his family life and his sidekick has died of a fentanyl overdose. Meanwhile, a violent, burly man named James breaks into the Smiling Friends office and forces Charlie to do increasingly degrading things to (unsuccessfully) make him smile, culminating in him tearing Charlie's nose off. The CEO chases Pim, Allan and Gwimbly into the office, where James stabs the CEO to death; satisfied by this, he finally smiles and leaves. Gwimbly and Troglor later join a Super Smash Bros.-esque crossover fighting game, with Mr. Boss also joining as a playable character. In a post-credits scene, James laments the fact that he pushed Charlie away, believing Charlie to have been the only person who cared about him.

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