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FLCL: Progressive
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Air date June 2, 2018
Writer Hideto Iwai
Storyboards Kazuto Arai
VIDEO (English)
VIDEO (Japanese)

RE: Start is the first episode of FLCL: Progressive, and the seventh of the FLCL series.


Medical Mechanica attacks Hidomi's town and she discovers a secret within her that could save everyone, a secret that only the new teacher Haruko can unlock.


Hidomi has a dream about rotting away in a destroyed world, turning into a robot at the gaze of a large eye, and fighting giant irons. She heads to her class with barely any emotion as a white-haired woman watches her from afar. Meanwhile, Ko Ide brags to his friends about his relationship with their teacher, but leaves the details vague. After their homeroom teacher performs a strange lesson, Hidomi later returns to help her mother with their family's cafe. As Hidomi's mother talks about her missing father and possibly "moving on," the white-haired woman from before smashes a vintage Chevy Bel-Air into Hidomi's head, which "unfortunately" leaves her alive.

Hidomi heads back to her room as the woman remarks that she keeps her unique headphones on to drown out the world. As Hidomi ponders what she meant, a large mechanical creature tries to attack her. Hidomi runs from the creature, as it suddenly throws Ko at her, who reveals that the creature came from his head. The two then run into a junkyard and are cornered by the creature. As Hidomi begins to "overflow," the white-haired woman appears again in her Chevy and destroys the creature, before carrying off a wounded Yoshimi.

The next morning, the white-haired woman introduces herself as Jinyu, a new worker at the cafe. At school, the homeroom teacher goes on a rant about "being adults" and "having only two wheels" that seems to brainwash the whole class, save for Hidomi and Ko, before ripping off a mask and revealing her real face: Haruko Haruhara.




  • Original Concept: Production I.G.
  • Executive Producers: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Jason DeMarco, Keiji Ohta
  • Producers: Maki Terashima-Furuta, Mike Lazzo, Masaya Saito
  • Animation Producer: Junichirou Kawahara
  • Production Supervisor: Katsuiji Morishita, Takayuki Oshima

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