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Smiling Friends
SM 202
Air date May 13, 2024
Director Tina Tomar
Storyboards Michael Cusack, Michael Dockery & Zach Hadel

Pim and Charlie get a call from the concurrently running and unpopular President of the United States, the unhygienic and unintelligent Jimble (Mike Bocchetti), requesting help in winning the upcoming election. He is struggling to run against Mr. Frog, who is launching a smear campaign against him. Their attempts at earning him a higher approval rating fail as Jimble soils himself during a speech, crashes the economy trying to make everyone rich, and establishes a foreign policy with an infamous dictator that has committed genocide against an entire race of people. While walking out in frustration, Charlie accidentally discovers a secret society of worms in the White House basement that are trying to sabotage the vote in favor of Mr. Frog, but accidentally persuades them into supporting Jimble instead. A saddened Jimble admits his shortcomings at the Presidential Debate, swinging public favor in his direction. However, a singular vote submitted by Glep causes Mr. Frog to win the election anyway. In a post-credits scene, Jimble relaxes at a beach, taking advice Charlie had given him earlier in the episode.

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