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Smiling Friends
SM 203
Air date May 20, 2024
Director Paul Ter Voorde
Storyboards Michael Dockery, Jake Ganz, Paul Georghiou, Paul Ter Voorde & Sheldon Vella

Mr. Boss tasks Allan with buying more paperclips for the office. Allan obtains them from an electronics store, but is faced with various obstacles and misadventures before he can make it back to the office - namely, a thief, a helicopter chase with the US Air Force, a Sasquatch, a crew of undead pirates, and finally a massive Leviathan that swallows Allan and ejects him from its blowhole. He washes ashore with the box of paperclips, but opens it to find it empty aside from a ransom note telling him to retrieve the paperclips from an address he recognizes as his own apartment complex. There, he meets his landlord, who reveals he orchestrated the entire escapade to get Allan to spend time with him, threatening to detonate a bomb that will ravage the entire city if he refuses. Allan reluctantly complies before using a paperclip to defuse the bomb. Ashamed, the landlord commits seppuku. Allan returns to the office with the paperclips and is rewarded with a miniature figurine of Mr. Boss. Uninterested in keeping it, he gives it to Charlie instead. In a post-credits scene, the landlord resurrects in a morgue, swearing that Allan will hang out with him again.

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