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The Heart, She Holler
Air date September 12, 2013
Writer Vernon Chatman & John Lee
Director Vernon Chatman & John Lee

The Preacher delivers fire and brimstone sermons that consumption of meat is evil, because it leads to homosexual behavior. The new ban is hypocritical, as the Preacher himself continues to eat meat in private. Hurlan is attracted by the smell but the Preacher deflects attention from himself by insisting that Hurlan's soul is in danger if he continues to want meat. The Preacher takes him on a weekend prayer retreat in the woods to Camp Praythegayaway, but he soon becomes lost.

Awakening, Hurlan is convinced that his desire to eat meat actually did result in some sort of homosexual-orgy-apocalypse, which destroyed human civilization. Hurlan therefore settles into the camp and attempts to rebuild civilization from scratch. Meanwhile, with Hurlan missing, Boss Hoss's video will instructs that Hambrosia will lead the town in his absence. Finally in charge, she decides to "cut loose" by listening to vinyl records and taking a bite of tobacco chaw – which nearly kills her. Hambrosia subsequently bans all forms of tobacco from town, and goes door to door with a shotgun in hand to make sure the ban is in effect. However, Hurshe one-ups her sister by making her own smoke-easy in the local bar. Hurshe makes up her own phoney religion of "Chawstafarianism" and claims the legal loophole that chaw is her religion's "sacred herb" and thus cannot be regulated. The two sisters find themselves at loggerheads.

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